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Normandy, soil

          Normandy :

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Often illustrated by its landscape of orchards, Basse-Normandie, which brings together the departments of Calvados, Manche and Orne, offers a multitude of landscapes.
Paysage de normandie : vaches sous les pommiersBordered by 470 kilometres of coastline from the famous beach resorts of the Côte Fleurie (Deauville, Trouville, Honfleur) passing through the landing beaches, the Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel and the Cotentin peninsula. This little corner of paradise also offers a very diverse hinterland of plains and orchards, hills and lush green meadows dotted with woods and forests.

Horses and stud farms "par excellence" cattle breeding country, this region is the cradle of the famous cheeses A.O.C. Normandy (Normandy Camembert, Livarot, Pont l'Evêque and Neufchatel) some of which villages have given their name.

Territory of choice for apple and pear trees, Basse-Normandie is a top region of the French production of ciders and pear. It has no fewer than 6 controlled appellations of origin !
Pays d'Auge cider
Pays d'Auge cider
Pays d'Auge cider
Pays d'Auge cider
Pays d'Auge cider
Pays d'Auge cider

          A bit of Pomology :

Gros plan du'une pomme sur sa brancheAs for the vine and wine, many species of the genus Malus sieversii Apple are identified throughout the world and exist in wild form since the dawn of time (the tertiary fossil).
Rather adept of the temperate zones, include Apple's share and across the planet. Already consumed by humans in the Neolithic on the plains of Central Asia, also this Apple in Egypt in the gardens of Ramses II, it arrive in Europe by the Silk Road.
In the 1st century a.d., Greek and Roman naturalist Pliny the elder already mentioned the cultivation of this tree and included 20 varieties. In France, the oldest traces of the Apple culture date back at least to the 5th century.

All these appellations of controlled origin previously mentioned originate from Apple.
But there are also other apples products such as Apple juice and cider vinegar :
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to see the general pattern of apple processing.

          An orchard, a herd : 

Normand Orchards which are the largest French Orchards, almost entirely dedicated to the Apple have about 7 million trees and exist in two different forms.
The Orchard land has a traditional planting density of 100-120 trees per hectare with a yield of 10 to 15 tonnes/ha. starts to produce between 6 and 10 years. It is the traditional Norman Orchard associated with farming since the 19th century.
The Orchard specializes, or Orchard low-stem, appeared by the late 1970s, a density of planting between 500 and 800 hectares trees and a yield of 25 to 30 tons/ha. gives its first fruit as early as 4 years!
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The Norman herd cattle are essentially composed of Normans and Prim races'Holstein have more than 2 million heads of dairy type, meat or mixed, about 1/4 of the domestic production. With 30% of the population devoted to milk production, Normandy ranks top of the French regions producing butter and cheeses from cow's milk. 

          Production areas :

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