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Normandy ciders

          The cider, its history :

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Since ancient times the Hebrews consumed a fermented drink made from fruit and Apple called Shekar or Sikera for the Greeks or the Romans Sicera. For some historians, the origins of the cider in France and Normandy, date back to the 6th century when it was used a kind of "cider" at the Court of Sainte Radegonde. 
For others, these true origins were of the 11th century when new varieties were brought by sea from Spain and more specifically of the Basque country or Biscay which will give its name to the variety «Bisquet»
As in most of the French vineyards, the monks who, from the 12th century, extended and improved the culture of Apple trees. It was also at this time that the Normand vineyard had its strongest period of glory. But it is mainly between the 17th and the beginning of the 20th century that the Normandy cider producing activity will see a real expansion driven by the phylloxera crisis that decimated the French vineyard and trade with France that will help in development of Norman regions including the Pays d'Auge.

          Production areas :

In France, for cider, there are only two registered designations of origin which one, the A.O.C. Pays d'Auge, is produced exclusively in Normandy, the other being the A.O.C. Cornish neighbours Bretons.

Although the Pays d'Auge cider is a regional emblem, Normandy has other areas of production classification and which include cider of Normandy I.G.P, ciders of the Bessin, the Cotentin, the Perche and the Bocage Virois.
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          The traditional preparation of the ciders :

The development steps outlined below correspond to the traditional method used for the production of corked cider.
There are however other methods, more industrial, to develop table ciders with a share of Apple juice concentrate and processes with other barbarian names (yeast, clarification, gasification, pasteurization...)

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Ciders of Normandy
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