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Dégustation Terroir
, services for producers :
  • the organizers, the exhibitors of wine fairs and other festivals and gastronomic fairs ;
  • Norman producers, wines producers, traders, distributors...
Whether you're organizing Wine Shows, fairs and other gourmet festivals or simply exhibitors on this type of events in Normandy and around : I put at your disposal my experience in sales and tasting through 3 services :
  • Special animation shows wines & fairs " The Workshop's Sommelier " 
  • Representation
  • Tasting comments.

" The Workshop's Sommelier " 

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A unique & original animation, 

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playful and friendly, 
that is sure to please your visitors and your exhibitors !

Organizers of wine fairs, festivals and gastronomic fairs, I propose to you through these Workshop's Sommelier animation original and perfectly suited to this kind of events.

Based on sensory analysis of wine, these small workshops of tasting introduction about 45 minutes will satisfy both visitors and exhibitors who agree to graciously submit their products such as support of tasting !

Benefits and interests:
  • an original animation to liven up your event and make it even more attractive ;
  • a fun activity , interesting and unique to offer to visitors ;
  • a bet in front of your exhibitors ;
  • an argument over to bring these exhibitors ;
  • ...

Example of a video workshop introduction to wine tasting


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Producers of the region, you occasionally need someone with experience to represent your domain & your products or to strengthen your team on a manifestation, a show, a private tasting...

Growers, dealers, distributors, you want to be represented or simply enhance your workforce for an opportunity of the same type in Normandy and the surrounding area...
Dégustation Terroir
This is a Sommelier-consultant for you ;
It's 15 years of experience in contact with customers oenophiles. ;

Presentation & professionalism provided !

                                              Conditions & Price-list : Price-list
                                                  Service provider, cost-estimates on request : Contact


Product notes, tasting notes

Wines spirits or cider actors, to enhance your business communications, your back labels die and another internet site :

you would like to be able to have a professional and independent tasting sheet describing your productions !
Sommelier-consultant of the University of Wine formed the sensory analysis :

I offer from a tasting of your wines, ciders, champagne... to extract a description sheet simplified and realistic turned to the final consumer.

Phases of tasting, operating temperature, agreements put & wines, guard potential...
Get your bottles of valuable information for your clients !!
  1. Accept the quote.
  2. Send your samples together with your payment.
  3. Get your tasting sheets.
  4. Use them !
                  Cost estimates on request : Contact.
                  See rates below, under "Price-list".
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