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Pays d'Auge cider

The Pays d'Auge :
Historically and geographically old, already mentioned as early as the 4th century under the name of batty, the Pays d'Auge takes its name from the Latin root (alg) which means moisture, which then became "trough".
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Located in the northwest quarter of the France primarily in the departments of Calvados and the Orne with a small part on the Department of Eure (Valley of the Caine), Pays d'Auge is bounded by the Valley of the TOUQUES River to the East, that of the Dives to the West, Côte Fleurie in the North and the hills of Argentan in the South.
Click to zoom the imageIt consists of a North-South oriented plateau that rises up to 280 metres above sea level. Its soils of varying origins are mainly compact soils of clay-limestone hillsides of shallow and moderately fertile plateaus covered with silts and favourable to Apples in the trough Valley between Dives and Touque river valleys.
Terroir of choice for Apples, the Pays d'Auge, main Normand Orchard , is one of the meccas of the cider production and represents only 31.6% of Norman orchard in bass rods and 26% in high stems.
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          The cider Pays d'Auge appellation :

The Pays d'Auge cider which is recognized Appellation of origin control (AOC) since March 1996 is with its neighbour the Cornish cider, one of only two AOC cider French.

The specificities of the appellation are as follows :
  • from at least 70% of the varieties of bitter and bitter-sweet apples on the authorized total; 49
  • not more than 15% of candies on the authorized total; 49 varieties
  • the same variety should not exceed 60% of the cuvée;
  • assemblies at the earliest when the grinding;
  • fermentation phase (short maceration);
  • pressing regulated to 750 l/tonne with holding of a book by pressing;
  • natural clarification of grape must only by defecation (defecating salts possible);
  • slow and natural fermentation (forbidden to add active substances on the yeast);
  • only clarification by filtration or centrifugation;
  • not blends of vintages;
  • capture of natural foam without adding bottled Champagne type.
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          Brut, dry, mild, traditional cider, cider, cider Table ?

Mentions Sweet cider, semi-dry et Brut  are rather refers to the residual sugar content of cider :

  • RAW :-less than 28 g sugar / litre
  • Demi-sec : content between 28-42 g/litre
  • Soft : content greater than 42 g per litre
However the most commonly used classification refers to the degree of alcohol of different ciders and the alcoholic strength by volume (in the bottle) specifically which must be indicated in the label range.
When the alcoholic fermentation (transformation of sugar alcohols) 17 grams of sugar to get 1% alcohol. A cider must submit a minimum total alcoholic strength of 5.5% (5% for cider) is a must (unfermented juice) rich in sugar of at least 94 g/l for the cider (cider 85 g/l): 94 g/l divided by 17 g/l = 5.5% alcohol.

Thus the most commonly accepted classification according to the degree of alcohol is as follows:
  • Cidre Doux : less than 3 ° of alcohol       
  • Cider Demi-sec: between 3 and 4 ° of alcohol       
  • Cidre Brut: 4 ° of alcohol and more

In addition to these three main types of ciders, it is also possible to find the following : :

  • Traditional cider :
Its ciders are made according to the traditional method with alcoholic volume which may be greater than or equal to 5% Vol. These are usually drier, less sweet and less sparkling than the cider ciders and which are often slightly cloudy due to a less advanced filtration.
  • Corked Cider :
Cider in a champagne bottle, closed by a plug of the fungus type and held by a muzzle, it must have an alcoholic total of 5.5 range minimum.
  • Table cider :
Cider for daily consumption, sometimes packaged in plastic bottles with screw caps. This cider less expensive is generally produced according to a more industrial type gasification, pasteurization... It must be an alcoholic total of 5 range minimum.

The A.O.C. Pays d'Auge cider produces mainly medium dry cider since it imposes a sugar content greater than or equal to 20 grams per litre.

Pays d'Auge cider
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