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Particular, you have in Normandy (or not far) a cellar wine or a few bottles !
How useful are these wines ?
Can you still eat them ?
Can still be kept, for how long ?

Whether you are novice, amateur or expert in matters of wines and spirits, it is often difficult to obtain a realistic and disinterested information on the value of a wine or its potential.
Bouteille de vin en dessin

For my opinion on
the guard and the price of the wine :

Ageing potential & wine prices
When opening your Mouton Rothschild 2002 ?
What is the value of a Romanée-Conti 1945 ?

So many questions to which
Dégustation Terroir

offers you to answer !
A sommelier service using only interested on delivery: this is the guarantee of a professional and impartial response !



Take advantage of my experience of former wine shop and get the facts on the potential of your wines.
Appointment, I go to your home to inventory your cellar and offer (according to its contents) a Visual grading system that will allow you to know your wines ageing potential for several years.
At the end of this analysis, you will know what your wine : :
  • to drink;
  • to keep a little;
  • to keep long;
  • to test.
Be careful :
Bottle pricing : see price-list.


Know the current value of a few bottles or your cellar; Find out where and how to sell those that have the value:
Having once worked for iDealwine which is one of the most serious and recognized players in ratings of wines and expertise, I suggest you, come look at your basement or a few bottles you would like to resell.
At the end of the benefit of inventory and estimation, I suggest you (only if you want to) to resell you even your bottles at auction through this company that has customers all over the world !  
Be careful :
Bottle pricing : see price-list.

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