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Domfront pear cider

From the same family as the Apple PEAR was already food for prehistoric man who consumed fruit harvested on the wild tree called "poirasse".
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The first traces of the pear processing date back to the Gauloise and as early as the 4th century Saint-Jérôme evokes Piracium (pear) in his writings.
Pear trees have been for a long time the bulk of the Orchard lower Normandy before gradually yielding their place to Apple whose culture is much more recent to withdraw, which is still the case today, in two main regions, the spent (Domfront) and the Mortainais.
Click to zoom the imageProduced in a very small cider: areas of geographic production|zone near Domfront, in the Orne, Manche and Mayenne departments: the PEAR is quite rightly dubbed the "Champagne of  poors" both finesse is great, its slight price and close to colour.
Exclusively from orchards tall stems entirely grass, planting density may not exceed 150 trees per ha. (from 500 to 800 trees/ha. for «specialized orchards» Apple). Pear trees reach their highest level of production until the age of 50 years and is commonly found in Domfront trees over 300 years !
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          The Domfront pear ciders appellation :

Pear cider has since 2002 of the appellation of origin controlled (A.O.C) Pears of Domfront and the A.O.P. Since 2006.
Mainly developed from the "White Plant" variety that should be used at minimum 40% height, the development of the PEAR is very close to that of the cider (link) with however some differences related to the fragility of the PEAR.

The fruits are harvested manually in several passages after beings fallen naturally.
In order to avoid any blettissement, they are firstly very quickly grated beings before pressed just after a phase of fermentation.
The development is then similar to that of the cider in traditional method(taken from foam bottle...) but with a particular attention to the filtration phase since they are looking a near clearness of the champagnes.

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The specificities of the appellation are as follows:
  • only based on PEAR to PEAR variety 'White Plant' to represent 40% of the total authorized 30;
  • hand-picked or mechanics on the ground variety after fall natural fruits (prohibited mechanical Shaker);
  • duration of storage before brewing = 72 hours maximum, storage shed, less than 1 meter stacking;
  • storage separated from the main Plant of white variety;
  • fermentation phase (short maceration);
  • slow and natural fermentation (forbidden to add active substances on the yeast);
  • only clarification by filtration;
  • Assembly of harvested pears and implemented in a same year;
  • outlet foam exclusively obtained by fermentation in bottle of residual sugar;
  • possible addition of active dry yeast, prohibited gasification.
Domfront pear ciders
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