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Appel & pear brandy Calvados Domfrontais

History :
If the appellation d'origine contrôlée date from 1997, the origin of this Calvados the specific character of which is to be made from cider and Pears (pears), dates back to the dawn of time.
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The pear tress of pear cider is, without a doubt, the oldest trees species grown in Normandy since before the advent of the Apple Cider varieties.
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There is evidence that this tree is an integral part of the landscape of the Domfrontais for at least four centuries.

Brandy is produced in this region since the 18th century, where he began to be referred to activity of the boilers (distillers).

But already in the 14th century, pears were the manufacture of brandy and farmers in this very remote area produced for a long time a Calvados apples with cider and a high proportion of pears.

Although the specificity of the appellation was recognized as early as 1942 by obtaining a regulated designation, the long journey to the AOC will take a significant turning point in 1962.

That night, in this very isolated region, one peasant among others produced clandestinely, his spirit will end up facing the IRS agents. But soon joined by solidarity neighbours, it will be these same officials who, in turn, will find themselves surrounded by the peasants of the Domfrontais...

From this moment of fear that the situation degenerates, under the impulse of some producers and public authorities : Coopérative of Domfront is then incorporated to regulate stocks of spirits distilled illegally!

It is here that will begin the long road toward the achievement of an A.O.C leading in 1997.

          Situation and typicality of the Orchard :

As his grandfather the Domfront pear cider, this Calvados is a small area on the borders of Basse-Normandie, straddling the departments of Orne, Manche and Mayenne, near the municipality of Domfront.

It is in this small area, very isolated, that the culture of PEAR (which once covered the whole of the territory) is withdrawn over the years.
This Orchard primarily tall stems consists of very large trees that can live up to 300 years!

According to a regional saying, been told these PEAR need them "a hundred years to grow, one hundred years to produce, one hundred years to die."

          Development of the Domfront Calvados :

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Calvados Domfrontais is a fruit brandy produced by single collumn distillation of a blend of cider and PEAR distillation.

The Perry pears represent at least 30% of this blend and the resulting spirits must be aged in wood at least for three years.

Main characteristics of the A.O.C.
  • The Orchard must have at least 15% of PEAR to PEAR, 25% from the harvest 2016;
  • 80% for AOC production Orchard must be driven in a high stem and waterway, they are never treated and live in a natural way. 
  • the fruits of these trees can enter into the composition of spirits only from 7 years old in high stem, 3 years in lower stem. 
  • extraction of the juice by pressing, any enrichment of sugars is prohibited;
  • the development of the spirit, the proportion of Perry pears must represent 30% minimum;
  • fermentation must be slow and natural prohibiting any pasteurisation, gasification, acidification or sweetening, but also about methods to amend the natural evolution such as the addition of preservatives, antiseptics, antioxidants, yeast.
  • distillation is continued in a column still in copper with the heads and tails extraction device.  
  • the minimum alcoholic strength by volume of less than 72% from the still increased to 40% for sale;
  • the ageing is mandatory under wood for a minimum period of 3 years;
  • colouring is possible and regulated.
Appel & pear brandy Calvados Domfrontais
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