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A few words about the guard & the value of old wines

The potential of a wine :
I'm sorry to tell you that no, your Anjou Gamay will remain not 20 years !
Like me, you probably already happened find you table to too old bottles and let politeness and etiquette prevail against the fateful question of your hos t: so, how you found ?
What things are called, no offense to some : none Morgon, however good it may be, is will keep 20 years !
First, because there is no interest. These flexible, bright and fruity wines like on their youth or their teenage years at the most. Then, because their frame (the flavouring components) primarily inherent in the grape variety used, does not allow :
high acidity, low tannins. However with alcohol, these components are part of the essential elements to a wine of guard.
Apart from some wines of exception are interested we simply labels that guarantee a certain homogeneity of structure: among the French wines, the longest theoretical potential, that of vin jaune (Jura), is only 40 years! In good conditions of conservation (temperature, humidity) most major Bordeaux have a potential of 20 years. In the past, we are in the field of the exception.
In another context, would you trust your car dealer if he told you that his model will have a lifetime well above those of the competition?

The market value of old wines :
Already, on recent wines** still widely present in distribution channels, the question of the value is not simple.
During my career as a wine merchant, there were bargains testimonies collected from riders wines fair customers. Yes, it is still possible to find great opportunities in a small supermarket in the heart of Brittany ! And unfortunately, sometimes, these price differences can achieve spectacular levels.
So, no need to tell you that, even for a professional, the task is even more difficult when one is addressing older vintages that have almost disappeared from the market and sell that in networks such as the auctions.
As an individual who proud you? To the auctioneer who will not give you that an award for sale often below the contract price? To the independent wine merchant who would like to buy these bottles for resale ?
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